iOS - Unable to identify pickerwheel object

I found out when I executing iOS scripts, Katalon is unable to use SendKeys keyword to select the value i want in PickerWheel. Reason of failing is due to element not found.

My object xpath is ‘//XCUIElementTypePickerWheel’

Error I get is as below:
Cannot send keys ‘技术问题’ on test object ‘Object Repository/Member - App/IOS/Module/Customer Service/New Feedback Page/label_quesTitle’. (Root cause: com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Element ‘Object Repository/Member - App/IOS/Module/Customer Service/New Feedback Page/label_quesTitle’ not found

Did I make any mistake for this case? or is there any alternative solution? Please kindly advice.

Hi @lucas.teo,

The name of your Test Object, label_quesTitle, leads me to think that it’s not actually the picker wheel object that you’re expecting. Could you please provide a screenshot of that object’s properties in the Object Repository?