Sendkeys(WheelPicker, month) selecting month+1 in app


recently (yesterday about 20:00 UTC my katalon start doing interesting thing (and today i tested on multiple mac devices with my collegues and we all have same issue))

Till yesterday I was using in my script

String monthWheelPicker = //XCUIElementTypePickerWheel[0]
String month = “listopad”
Mobile.Sendkeys(monthWheelPicker, month)

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 12.16.00

to set value in month wheel picker (left scrollWheel on screen)

everything was working fine, but yesterday somehow i did few changes in script and now on if i send as listed month = “listopad” it will select in wheelpicker month+1 (“prosinec”)

and it doing for every month so if i set month = “leden” in app is picked “únor”, if i set month = “únor” it pick in app “březen” etc.

Can anyone have any idea what should i do to correct this issue?
I try to remove all my edits, I clone master again, but nothing helping. It consistently picking mont+1.

I even put Mobile.comment() before Mobile.sendKeys() to validate app is reading it correct and it printing comment as “listopad” but in app select “prosinec”

wheelPicker structure and detail is:
Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 12.35.50

I tested multiple versions of our app. Tested on multiple device simulation with multiple iOS version. Across all same.


Can you please share the script?

Mobile.startApplication(GlobalVariable.App_APK, GlobalVariable.App_UninstallOnExit)

TestObject calendarButtonForValidBy = pom.beznyucetdetail.platba.InkasoFormular.buttonPlatneDoKalendar()

Mobile.tap(calendarButtonForValidBy, 5)

TestObject buttonMonthAndYearPicker = pom.Kalendar.buttonMonthAndYearPicker()

Mobile.tap(buttonMonthAndYearPicker, 5)

TestObject yearPickerWheel = pom.Kalendar.scrollWheelPicker(1)
Mobile.sendKeys(yearPickerWheel, "květen 2024")

TestObject monthPickerWheel = pom.Kalendar.scrollWheelPicker(0)

Mobile.sendKeys(monthPickerWheel, "leden")

Mobile.tap(pom.OpakujiciSeElementy.buttonPotvrdit(), 5)

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 12.16.00
This script doing that it open iOS kalendar where it tap on month and year button and open scrollWheelPicker as screened before. In picker it pick correctly Year 2024 but when it go to pick month (requeted is leden first month in Czech language) it somehow pick “únor” (second month in Czech language)


if i call it like this: (2 times in row) it is set correct.
Mobile.sendKeys(monthPickerWheel, “leden”)
Mobile.sendKeys(monthPickerWheel, “leden”)

On first call it scroll to “únor” (second month in czech)
On second call it scroll to “leden” as requested. (first month)
Any idea what is happening there?

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