Issue: Unable to tap on textfields that contain picker wheel instead of regular keyboard (iOS Mobile)

This is not an issue with android tests, and when I try to follow the same steps for iPhone I don’t get the results I need. For android, I have a staticText/textfield object that I have captured, and have the user select to display a picker wheel of options to choose from. I run a test to tap on the textfield and it opens the keyboard to the picker wheel no problem. With IOS, when I run the same test it recognizes the textfield object and passes the tap, but the keyboard does not open up at all.

I’ve tried a few solutions, getting nowhere. These include:
*changing tap to tap and hold
*tap and hold with a delay before and after the tap and hold
*tap with delay before and after the tap
*I tried all of the above solutions with the textfield object and the static text object - (these textboxes have textfields and static text objects attached to them)
*I’ve tried tapping/tap and holding on the container that holds the textfields/static text (with delays)
*I tried to Send Keys/Send Text to the textfield/static text - both of these opened the keyboard BUT returned an error as the method did not recognize the picker wheel as a keyboard.
* more on this point, for the send keys/text I tried sending ‘’ as my input but received an error and also tried sending a Tap to the Done button in the picker from the send keys method but this of course returned an error since it’s not a string value.

I’m really at a loss now, and this is happening anywhere throughout the entire app that the textfield requires the user to use the picker wheel. I believe once I can get the picker wheel keyboard to appear I shouldn’t have a problem selecting the item I need, but I need it to open in order to do that!

If someone knows what’s causing this issue please please please don’t hesitate to reach out!