Cannot set value in a picker

can I have some advice on pickers in Android please?
Am trying to set a value by moving this wheel. I would also be ok with setting this in Javascript (I am unable to send keys by the way, which seems to be preferred option).
I have used ‘scroll to text’ but that does not move the chosen option to the right place, ie spin the wheel to set option below two blue lines.
picker .

  1. There is no execute javascript keyword for Mobile - how do I execute JS (using xpath)? eg //android.view.ViewGroup[@content-desc="Work Order Sub-Type"]/android.view.View
  2. Can swipe be used here - my immediate thought is that this would not be much good if I use a different sized device?
    I looked at GitHub - detroit-labs/katalon-mobile-util: Library of utilities to make mobile UI testing in Katalon Studio easier but cannot work out how to use the project with a POM-style object repository.