iOS - WheelPicker - how to set value?


I’m discovering Katalon and I am having some trubles on setting a value on a Picker on iOS .ipa file.
Do you have a solution?

Thanks for the help

Hi Ludovica,

You should be able to choose a picker value in iOS using “sendKeys”. In your test, assuming you have already opened the PickerWheel, you can write:

TestObject pickerWheel = new TestObject();
pickerWheel.addProperty("xpath", ConditionType.EQUALS, "//XCUIElementTypePickerWheel");
MobileBuiltInKeywords.sendKeys(pickerWheel, "<PICKER VALUE>");

Where is the selection you want to make on the picker.

If you already have a TestObject for the PickerWheel, then you can jump right to the “sendKeys” line.

NOTE: You may need to finally tap the SELECT or DONE button on the PickerWheel for the selection to be applied to your text field.