Introducing the new and improved Katalon Certifications Program πŸš€


Hi Community members and Academy learners, :wave:

We are pumped to announce that our revamped Katalon Certifications Program is now LIVE! :tada: What is included in this revamp? Read more below :point_down:

1.What is the Katalon Certifications Program?

The Katalon Certifications Program enables you to unlock job-ready skills and advance your career by applying the Katalon Platform to real-life projects.

To get certified, you don’t need to complete courses or take an exam. Instead, you will need to actually use the Katalon Platform to meet specific requirements (which also receive several updates in this revamp).

2. What is new in the updated Katalon Certifications Program?

With our commitment to providing high-quality training, we have introduced new criteria to enhance the training outcome:

  1. Enhanced Skill Set: Acquire cutting-edge, practical skills by mastering advanced and up-to-date Katalon features.

  2. Smoother Progression: Start easily with the Practitioner certification and advance smoothly to Professional and Expert levels.

  3. Competitive Edge: Enhance your professional profile with new certified Katalon skills.

Check out our new certification criteria

3. How does this revamp affect my current Katalon Certifications?

This update has no impact on any of the Katalon Certifications that you have already earned, and thus, they will remain valid for two years (2 years) from the issue date.

You can also choose to get certified with our new certifications, and both your existing and new certifications will co-exist with one another and remain valid for two years (2 years) from their respective issue dates.

4. Sounds good, how can I get started with the new Certifications?

If you have already had a Katalon account, then the process is simple:

  1. Get started by logging into Katalon Academy with your Katalon account.
  2. Use Katalon solutions to meet our new certification criteria.
  3. Check your progress against the new criteria by going to your user dashboard
  4. Once you have met all the new criteria, you will receive an email with a link to your hard-earned Katalon certificate!

And remember, if you have any questions during your certification journey, then don’t hesitate to Ask the Community for help and support!

Happy testing,

Katalon Academy team.