Integration with GIT (Part-2)

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Can this config and commands (push, pull) be done via a command line option or settings file? Eg. before console mode starts a test, it should first do a pull and then run the tests

@moenieb.davids usualy, such tasks are handled via CI/CD pipelines
it is possible, kindly detail what do you intend to achieve and we can guide you


Just wanted to do a pull using katalon git plugin and thought there are cmd switches or config files that I can use to do this,
I however just used the normal git commands to do a check out and then run the test

Hi Guys,

is it possible to upload an existing katalon project to a Repo in GitHub? I know this should be simple, but I haven’t manage to do this.
Thanks in advance!

yes. create the repo in github, leave it empty.
clone it using git for win, or source tree, whatever toy yo want, not through katalon.
copy paste your project from actual location into the cloned one. commit the changes. push it back to github.
done. now you can set it up in katalon.

Hi Ibus,

First of all, thank you for your quick response. I am using GitHub desktop to do this. When you say “copy paste your project”, where do I have to paste the project? In the cloned location inside the GitHub app?

yes, inside the cloned repo.
make sure the repo (which will be the parent folder) has exactly the same name as the folder of your project (if different, change one of them but take care that changing the project folder name you have to update also the .prj file to contain the right name) and paste in the cloned repo only the content of the katalon project folder

Got it! Thank you very much!