GitHub Katalon integration when you have one repository but several folders


I am trying to figure out how to use the out of the box integration with GitHub. I cannot ask for a specific repository for Katalon, so all the automated tools projects share the same repository.

What would be the best approach? I would like the katalon projects to be saved in a subfolder such as:



But I don’t know how to do this via the Git plugin.

Any help is welcome.

I must say that I have struggled with the built in integration to GitHub, with commit errors a constant battle, even with a small team.

What I found best, which may work best for you, is to use the GitHub Desktop application.

My thoughts were if you used GitHub Desktop and pulled in your existing repository files to your local machine, can you then create a local folder and store your Katalon files within it.

Just make sure to click project > refresh in Katalon to collect any changed files from GitHub.

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Thanks for the advice Daniel.
I wanted to use the built-in integration, but if it is not safe, I’ll do it the old way.