How to upload an existing Katalon project to GitHub [other]

Tip: I always archive my projects with WinZip/[other] before doing any project changes.

High level work-flow:

  1. First create a GitHub repository (
  2. Start Katalon Studio.
  3. Enable Katalon Git (Window > Katalon Studio Preferences > Katalon > Git).
  4. Check the Katalon Git ‘Default repository folder:’ (Window > Katalon Studio Preferences > Team > Git).
    *This will be the local folder where Katalon projects will be stored.
    *Change the folder location if desired
  5. Open the Katalon project that will be pushed/loaded to GitHub.
  6. Click Git > Clone Project.
  7. Input the Repository URL, User & Password; click Next.
  8. Branch Selection dialog displays; click Next.
  9. Local Destination dialog displays; click Finish.
    *Change the folder location if desired.
  10. Click Git > Commit.
  11. Select all ‘Unstaged Changes’ & add them to ‘Staged Changes’.
  12. Add a commit message.
  13. Click the ‘Commit and Push’ button.
  14. Pushed to KatTest001 dialog displays.
  15. Click OK button.
  16. Switch to your GitHub repository and do a page refresh.

Result: The Katalon project should now display in GitHub.
Test the new GitHub repository:
Add a few test cases to the project and then repeat steps 10 to 16.

For more Katalon Git details see the following:


nice detailed.
but … i cannot hold it.
alternate workflow:

  • never use the provided VCS feature, no matter what the IDE/tool is
  • never use any GUI git tools (like sourcetree)
  • just use git CLI installed natively on your operating system

following the above may require a bit of learning, but for sure you will gain a better understanding on how actualy git works

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Well, not so much git, more GitHub.

GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket … all of them works same basicaly, only at the web frontend/hosted service they have different features (how to organize projects, users grouping and acces, CI stuff etc).
From CLI the operations are same: clone, diff, commit, push, pull, branch, checkout,status and so on

Good to know :+1:

i hit error
there are no staged files when commit
the push menu is grayed off

how do i push the project to new git repo?

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I don’t think you CLONE a new project - you SHARE it to Git.