Coding done using Katalon at local ,how to use GIT

Coding done using Katalon at local Windows 7 machine ,now all i need is to use push this code in Git master branch which dev team is already using.Can you guide please what should i do?

if you have Katalon project ready and want o add it to existing git repository together with dev team, I think we could do following things depend on your setup: (ensure that the Git integration are setup in Katalon Studio:

  • If you know how to use git already, we could do following steps:
    1. clone git of dev team into your local machine
    2. create a new folder for automation testing, ie test/
    3. manually copy all the folders and files from your Katalon project and paste it to the created folder.
    4. config git repository in Katalon Studio at Window/Katalon Studio Reference
    5. continue working on Katalon Studio and use Git command there.
  • If you dont know how to use git in the local machine, here are some steps we could do to achieve the result:
    1. close the current Katalon project
    2. use Git → Clone Project . The dev Git repository will be cloned to your machine.
    3. start from step #2 in the above list.

Hope that the solution help.


Fantastic will work like this as you suggested,Thanks a Ton