How to push an already existing project from KS to Github

So, I already have a project with Test Cases and Test Suites on my Katalon Studio, and now I want to have a Remote Repo for it, but the only option I see is to Clone a Repo, which will give me an empty project on my KS, as I understand this is the way to do it if you are just starting and don’t have anything on KS yet. But how can I push my already existing project to a Repo?
Thanks in advance, guys!

Git Handbook has a section titled

GitHub and the command line
Example: Start a new repository and publish it to GitHub

Read it, then you would find what you need to do:

  • create a remote repository on GitHub (or any other services)
  • associate your local repository to the remote one by $ git remote add origin
  • then you can do $ git push --set-upstream origin master

I would recommend you to learn Git in the command line first, before struggling in KS.

Why? — There are hundreds of good tutorials of Git on the Internet, but almost all of them give you examples in the command line. I believe that the command line is the easiest path for you to get started with Git. Once you have got familiar with the basic concepts of Git in the command line, then you would find it easy to operate any flavours of “Git integration” in various IDEs, which tend to hide the basics.

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The following may work for you…

Loading an existing/new Katalon project to Bitbucket or remote repository of your choice using Katalon ‘Git > Share Project’

You may want to first create your ‘.gitignore’ file before loading your project to your repository, I use the following:

Loading the project:

  1. Open your remote repository
  2. Create a new remote repository for the exiting project
  3. From within Bitbucket/repository clone the new repository URL for use below
  4. Open Katalon Studio
  5. Open the existing project
  6. Select “Git” > “Share Project”, (shares project to local repository)
  7. Reload the project
  8. Select “Git” > “Commit and Push” & add a commit comment, (shares project to remote repository)
  9. Open the project in Bitbucket/repository & check the “Commit”
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