Installation of Git LFS (Large File Storage)

Hi, I have encountered error below while committing my changes to github.

After checking on it, it is due to the file size of the apk file is too large. Thus, I have follow the suggestion to install this lfs using mac terminal:

But I’m not sure how to proceed with steps below, do we have something like terminal in katalon to execute this command?

I’m currently using Katalon Studio Version: 8.6.6. Appreciate if anyone could help.

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Is it necessary to commit the large apk files to the git repository? Why?

The project you mentioned GitHub - git-lfs/git-lfs: Git extension for versioning large files is about the genuin “git” writen in C originated by Linus Torvals.

On the other hand, Katalon Studio’s Git integration uses JGit — a Java implementation (imitation) of the genuin “git”. “Git LFS” has nothing to do with JGit. Possibly you want to look at “JGit Large File Storage”.

I don’t know JGit and JGit LFS. Please do not ask me anything.

If you desparately need GitHub - git-lfs/git-lfs: Git extension for versioning large files, OK, you should stop relying on Katalon’s Git integration feature. You want to install “Git for Windows” and use git in command line; because GitHub - git-lfs/git-lfs: Git extension for versioning large files write:

On Windows

Git LFS is included in the distribution of Git for Windows.

prior to move forward, it is git lfs enabled on your git instance?
github, gitlab, whatever you may use.
usually it is disabled by default, for good reasons, and only the instance/site admin can enable (which i doubt you are)

Unfortunately not.

I guess, years ago, Katalon Studio originally was (still is?) designed for non-programmers. Non-programmers are scared of a black screen. Therefore Katalon Studio lacks Terminal.

Quite often I open the folder of my Katalon project with Microsoft Visual Studio Code which equips everything that KS lacks including Terminal.

As I mentioned, prior to move forward, will be a good idea to check if LFS is actually enabled server side and what are the limitations.
E.g for github, please look at:
Limitation based on the plan:

How to enable (for enterprise licence):

So, first, reach out to your git Admin and check if everything is set.
Some git installs does not support this at all (e.g Gitlab CE doesn not support this, only Gitlab Pro. cloud may have it default enabled but some admin may have set it disabled)

For the rest, yeah, as @kazurayam mentioned, you will have to stop using katalon Git Integration and use git client/comandline nativelly installed, depending on your OS.

Aside of that, here a simplified explanation on how LFS works:

So, first you may have to check if it is enabled server side, after that get your fingers dirty and add the tracking rules (by pattern perhaps?)

After that, you just do the normal operations (commit/push). It may work with Katalon integration or not. Feel free to try.