Upgrade to New Katalon Version and Issue with Git Integration

Hi Team,

I have couple of queries as mentioned below. Please provide your inputs,

  1. I am currently using Katalon 5.10.1 version and created all the test scripts there but now I have to switch to version 7.0 or above. If I upgrade the version will it impact my existing scripts?

  2. I have configured Git in Katalon. However I am facing some difficulties in committing my code onto the branch. It there any possibility that I can revoke the integration and do it again. If Yes, then how?


  1. No. The basic test functionality provided in KS and KSE (E = Enterprise) is the same.

  2. I don’t know. @ThanhTo @duyluong @Brandon_Hein

I am not sure what you mean. But from the look of it, perhaps you can just delete the .git folder in your Katalon project (which would make it a no longer a git-related thing), and integrate Git with your project again. It’s best to keep a copy before you do this, in case something bad happens.