Initializing project's working space (Building workspace: (50%))

I have deleted Windows temp files and now i’m unable to run Katalon Studio with any project integrated with git.

It gets stuck at the stage of "initializing project’s working space (Building workspace: (50%))

Also, without loading any project whenever i go to >Windows > Katalon Studio Preferences> Team> Git> Configuration.

i probably have a file(s) missing as it was working fine with Git.
Note: it works fine if I load/open regular project or create a new one!

Please, Help!
Thank you

Can you help to send me Katalon Studio logs?

Hi Vinh,
Thank you for your reply. Please, find the attached log file. I reproduced the issue, you may find the log with today’s date.

**OS: Windows 10
**Katalon Studio Version: 5.3.0


Alex said:

Can you help to send me Katalon Studio logs?

Any Chance to solve this issue?

Issue was solved.
Git Bash could be the reason, as soon as i reinstalled it on the machine, I was able to access Git configuration and project was loaded successfully.