Install Katalon using terminal/command line on ubuntu OS

Hey katalon,
i am setting up katalon on linode server for that i have to install it using terminal so please let me know

Santhosh Naik

Please take a look at this script The best way to execute Katalon tests on Linux is via Docker containers though.

We have sample configurations for different cloud CIs here Many of them offer free plans.

Hi @Santhosh2 did you install the katalon on ubuntu server,Can pls guide me how to install.

Open the command prompt and navigate to the folder of your Katalon Studio build: katalonc.exe (Windows), Applications folder (Mac OS), or katalonc (Linux) file.

Enter the following syntax to execute automation test:


katalonc {option1} {option2} … {optionN}

cd /Applications/Katalon\ Studio\

./katalonc --args {option1} {option2} … {optionN}

./katalonc {option1} {option2} … {optionN}

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