How do I launch Katalon Studio? — I just installed OpenJDK 8 on Manjaro (Linux)

I just installed OpenJDK 8 on my laptop which is running Manjaro XFCE based on these instructions…

which are for Ubuntu (which is based on Debian) not for Manjaro (which is based on Arch Linux).

Apparently installed OpenJDK properly. Here’s a screenshot of my terminal…

But, now I am stuck… How do I launch Katalon Studio?

By the way…

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Is Katalon’s management essentially uninterested in supporting Linux?

I’ve seen other companies that claim “we support Linux” that, well, don’t really support Linux very well.


I’m presently using Manjaro Gnome edition where I have placed my Katalon install in the “/home/USER ACCOUNT/Automation/Katalon_Studio” directory. You can launch Katalon by navigating to the Katalon directory and run the executable with “./katalon”.


cd /home/USER ACCOUNT/Automation/Katalon_Studio

For convenience I created a desktop icon link for Gnome.

Create a Desktop Icon for Gnome
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Katalon_ Studio
Exec="/home/USER ACCOUNT/Automation/Katalon_Studio/katalon" %f
Comment=Automation platform based on Selenium

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Thank you! I opened Katalon Studio successfully!

Now I need to register with Katalon.