How to test Katalon test suites in Linux


I have created some test suites in Katalon Studio, in Windows. Now the server where Jenkins runs is Kubernetes Linux Ubuntu. My question is the following: should I create a Linux node? if yes, how do I move, then run the test suites? I cannot find any documentation on this issue. I have installed Katalon in Linux and I really don’t know what are the next steps.

Any help is welcome.


follow this site

the easiest way is to host your test project in git, and configure the git step in jenkins task to grab it at the execution time
to actually run it, use the docker image or the jenkins plugin to avoid headache with a standalone installation on the jenkins node:

Thanks a lot, ibus.

I have a last question. If I do it the way you say, can I execute the tests in internet explorer? If not, and knowing that I use kubernetes, what would be the solution?

Thanks in advance

can you install IE on ubuntu?
The dockers image only have ff and chrome.

Ok, I found the “remote mode” is available in Katalon. I will try it.

An update on this:
While Katalon in Windows handles everything and there is no customized code whatever you want to test in Chrome, Firefox or IE, when you execute it in Linux:
1- you cannot test with IE (as Manu_Mahendran mentioned)
2- You have to add custom code in your script for the different browsers

My conclusion was that it was not worth to keep trying to execute Katalon in a Linux Jenkins, and less in a headless Linux.
What did I do? A Master - slave Jenkins architecture where the master was a Windows machine, with Katalon installed, and the test suite was executed from the Master Jenkins.

This worked perfectly.