In which directory Katalon offline licenses should be stored?

In which directory Katalon offline licenses should be stored? Thanks.


The offline licenses should put in the place that is described via our docs:


Thank you, duyluong!

Currently, I’m using a free trial online Activation (I believe for both KRE and KSA). Could you please let me know what’s going to happen if I put
a) KSE offline license
b) KRE offline licence
c) both KSE and KRE offline licences.

in C:\Users<user_name>.katalon\license

When I click on Create KSE offline licence, I see the pop-up saying: “Are you sure to create a license” for machine ****** Please note that this action cannot be undone". What does it mean? And whatever it means, since which moment “this action cannot be undone”? Since the moment when an offline license has been created or since the moment when it’s been put in C:\Users<user_name>.katalon\license? Thanks.


When an offline license is generated, it binds to the machine ID you provide until 2 months pass or the license is expired. You cannot generate an offline license and then revert back to an online license within 2 months. Such is the meaning of “…this action cannot be undone”.

You should make sure that the machine ID is the correct machine you want to use offline license on, and that the machine ID does not change between each time you open the machine (this would be undedicated VMs you pay for from third-party like Amazon).

Thank you, ThanhTo.

Could you please clarify the following? I’ve generated my offline licence and haven’t put it in C:\Users<user_name>.katalon\license yet but I still can run KSE. And, as per your comment, my understanding would be that I couldn’t run KSE before I put my offline licence in C:\Users<user_name>.katalon\license. Is that correct? Thanks

Also, could you please explain what would be advantages and disadvantages of using offline licences? Thanks again