End of licensing KRE


Sorry, I didn’t find info about end of license.
What’s happend when period non-locked offline lic for KRE will be end?

We will need to extend lic or we will can to use function KRE that we already have?


After 2 months, an offline license will return to being an online license, provided it’s not expired. Now you have two options:

  • Use the online RE license.
  • Convert the online RE license to offline license again and repeat the cycle after 2 months.

Hope it helps !


Is it possible to buy offline license forever?

Hi @galkaa1992

Currently it is not possible yet, is the current workflow to regenerate an offline license a problem for you ?

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Thanks. No problem. Now I try to know more as possible about this, because my team choose the instrument for auto-testing.

And one more question

Is the situation with the offline KSE license similar?


Yes, it follows the same principle.