Create Offline License Disabled

If you are supposed to be able to use the KSE for free, why in the Dev Ops is the create offline license button disabled?

Also, the quota for available licenses is always 0.

Is there something else that needs to be done to allow for offline activation?

Offline activation is only available with the enterprise version of Katalon Studio as far as I know…

Also KSE has a 30 day free trial if you use a “business email”. Other than that, you gotta fork up the cash.

A business email was used to register, but there’s no way to get the actual license with a machine name for offline activation. This is following the exact instructions they provide:

According to the pricing KSE is supposed to revert to the free version after a trial expires.

Just my personal take on the documentation you linked, it looks like you need a paid-node locked license regardless. That leads me to assume the the KSE trial is not eligible for offline activation. At least that’s what I got from the first statement:

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FYI : I get my offline licences (for KSE and KRE) through to the Katalon admin page