Import of Postman Collection json is not working for Authorization Token

Requirement: We have a UI, where we enter username and password, which generates an authorization token, we are using that token in our API call.

We have tried different ways to achieve that, but we are unable to intercept that token:

Option1: Import of Postman Collection json

We have created a postman collection through which this token is generated and we want to use the same in Katalon using import. I tried using import from Action as well as from Object Repository import as per document:

Expected: It should create a GET request under Postman folder

Current: Postman folder is created but blank, which means import is not working

Note: Schema is v2.1 only. And same json is working fine in Postman import.

Option 2: We tried creating Autorization token using OAuth2.0 in Katalon object repository, but it asks to open redirect url in browser manually. It is not opening url directly for asking login same as postman. Main issue

Option 3: We thought of to use UI Automation and intercept network request and tried to use Chrome Devtools protocol plugin, but there is limited documentation is available for usage, I can only find Intercepting request with Chrome Devtools Protocol link.

Can you help me with any other reference for intercepting request?

General: We want to achieve the end result as Auth Token from Postman OR Katalon OR UI Automation > Network tab.

Please provide your guidance and let me know if anything else is required.


we can use chrome dev tools to capture the token via parsing response object and body. but there could a challenge while running in pipelines/cloud platform providers if its not enabled from their end

Can you please provide detailed code with an example to capture token from network tab? It would be a great help, thank you in advance! @dineshh