IDE background color change



thanks but i’ve still an issue with customKeyword declaration


i can’t change ‘mycustomKeywordname’ color…so black on black !!! :frowning:


@Vinh_Nguyen This suggestion is all over the forums, and for good reason! Can we add this to the roadmap?


Dark theme would be great - this bright screen hurts my eyes after a while - please do this asap


Oh heck yeah make it dark. Why not simply use the official dark theme which comes with eclipse, it should fit like a hand in a glove. It is open source and epl license which screams use me. Then ya’ll don’t need to completely reinvent anything here.


I would really appreciate this feature.


Calling on @devalex88, can we make this a top priority?

The demand for this feature is probably the highest in the category, and has been for a while… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Everyone, thank you all for the suggestion.

Support for theming in Eclipse is not really out of the box. I’ve tried to add Eclipse’s default dark theme over the weekend and here it is. It definitely needs some work.

There are quite a few things at the top of our backlog including resolving critical issues and improving performance. Please give us some time to clear it up before we can work on a dark theme.



Priority 1.

Please! Especially on Win10. Any Win10 box I’ve tried, just opening Katalon and then a project takes waaaaay too long (compared to Win7 – 5x as long?)

Before full-on theming is applied, I’d prefer to see Katalon supporting UI configuration allowing me to turn off (hide) the parts that I never use, like OR, Checkpoints, Data Files).


Installed Katalon for the first time to give it a try, I removed it after 15 minutes because there is no support for black/dark theme.
How hard can it be to add dark theme?
Many developers/test tools support dark theme. How does it come that Katalon Studio still don’t support dark theme???


They are working on a dark theme for katalon - please be patient, there are many other things that take priority over this. Im sure it will be released in the not so distant future. Keep an eye on this thread for further updates.


Great feedback and fast respond :slight_smile:
I will keep eye on this thread and hope one day to see that dark theme is supported.


We are waiting the DARK THEME yet. is that I can’t believe that at this point, a tool like katalon doesn’t have a dark theme.


please Dark Theme !


@Russ_Thomas I deleted my comment. Thank you for keeping the forum clean of deviants.


“root of your Katalon Installation Folder”

Could you provide some details on where this would be for a Mac? I have searched around and can’t seem to find the right answer.


Not to cause an up roar on this forum, but i have word that this will available in a beta release soon. Guys dont worry, you will be able to see again very soon :crazy_face::rofl:


Seems like really hard! That’s why apple can sell it now as a feature and fills a whole keynote with dark iOS! :rofl:



Please tell me you’re serious


Should see a preview of it this week :slight_smile: