IDE background color change



Installed, Everything looks great, except how do we get black text to display? I feel like Iv’e messed with every color option.

and yes, I even tried making the background color slightly lighter


So the dark theme is not fully complete. From what devs have told me there are going to be things they have missed, such as this. I think just post a screenshot of all scenarios like this in this thread and then they can work on changing the text to something more appropriate or adding a feautre to allow you to change the text.


well … ofcourse. you asked for black. now you have it. and now is too black :smile:
kidding. is a new feature, ofcourse it may be buggy
keep up with testing so the devs can improve it


@ehernandez You should file a new Bug Report.

(@devalex88 @duyluong @ThanhTo)


its on my todo list


This comment made a big laugh.



@devalex88 really appreciate the dark theme :pray::pray::pray: So much more pleasant to work with for long periods. Nice work dev team!!! Sorry we kept pestering you about this one… :expressionless: