IDE background color change



Upvote too. The extensive use is a nightmare for the eyes… Please, see to it dear Katalon.


Dark theme, please!!!


I will also be glad to have the option to use a dark theme please!!


A dark theme for Katalon Studio would be great indeed!


Please do a dark theme, it really is hard to look at this program for extended amounts of time with all the white everywhere. Also an update as to when this feature is planned would be greatly appreciated






Upvoted! Theming changes would be amazing for my eyes. Especially for a long work day :slight_smile:


That would be great, yes!


Katalon team ,please introduce Dark theme . It will save all of us eyes.


Please save my eyes, do a dark theme please.


Yes please add dark theme feature! I believe this should be a high priority!!!


Dark theme please…


The thing is, that some versions before, it was possible to change the text colour in the script editor, but i can’t find the setting anymore…
So it was actually possible to create a dark theme. Now I have to work with this pink text again, I could die…

EDIT: Oh holy shit nevermind i found it…
Look under Preferences -> Groovy -> Editor. There you can change the text color! Holy cow.
Theres also a button for “Copy Java Color Preferences” if you want to get started quickly!


Yes, please add theme support.


There comes a point where a feature request, if requested enough, becomes a bug in the eyes of most users.

This request is one of those, in my opinion. :sunglasses:


I’d also love to have a dark theme… everything is dark and then bamm, Katalon as white as snow.
Hurts my eyes :skull_and_crossbones:


Hi to all,

before anything else, the above instructions are a HACK and you DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

This is my IDE after this hack. I’ve managed to install Eclipse Theme Manager on Katalon.

Steps to do it:

  1. Access to and download the update zip.
  2. Uncompress it and add the contents to the root of your Katalon Installation Folder (there should be no replacement warnings).
  3. Start Katalon
  4. Go to the menu of Katalon Preferences

This only changes the code area. The remainder of the application stays as it is.


thanks, nice job!!
but how to change colors of parenthesis or dot ??
black over black isn’t good for my eyes…


Sorry, forgot that one.