Dark Theme Improvement

Creating a new topic since the others have since been closed.

Just looking to report a few areas of improvement for Katalon Studio’s new dark theme.

  • Dark black text on a dark background should change to a light gray to improve contrast
    • including Test Suite Exec Info, Test Suite Data Bindings, Keyword | Debug window view buttons, Help, Plugins, Variable Editor**, Object Spy Window**, and Recorder Window**
    • Fix: Look at Action Labels in Manual Test Case Editor**
  • Header rows of tables are still light (In the screenshot, not highlighted)
  • Various buttons & icons are still light (In the screenshot, not highlighted)
    • Icons: New, Object Spy, Record, Run, Debug,
    • Buttons: Add, Delete, Clear, Move Up/Down, View Execution History on Katalon Analytics
  • Heap Status text and the background color are both currently a dark black
    • Fix: Change the heap usage color back to the green that’s present on the Light Theme.
    • Feature suggestion, change the heap usage color based percentages (Green <33%; Yellow 33-66%; Red >66%)
  • Menu bar is still light** (File | Action | Edit | Project, etc.)
    • include a fix for dropdown menus as well
      ** not pictured below


Hi @Katalon @katalon3 @Katalon_team @Zarashima - Can someone please address this issue to the correct authority so that this solution can be taken under consideration?

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@ehernandez @Russ_Thomas @devalex88 @duyluong @ThanhTo
Tagging a few more to gather attention to this post. Should I have posted this as a Bug Report?

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You really don’t need to do that in this case. The devs are aware and it’s a WIP (work in progress).

You can expect the dark theme to improve. But I wouldn’t expect anyone to give out a delivery date just yet.

All of this (and more) is why the original posts were closed (my guess).

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