I can't verify email

My account is blocked and I have notification that I need to confirm email, so I go to Katalon.com > My Account and I click “verify now” but none of the verification email that I send is not visible in my mailbox. I thought that the problem is with my company mailbox but I can send the “forget password” mail. So currently I’m unable to work with tool.

  1. Set account to blocked
  2. Login on that account via web browser
  3. Go to “My account”
  4. Click “verify now”

Mail with verification link should appear in mailbox


Have you ever tried to check your spam to see if the mail accidentally landed there ?

Yes I checked it few times

There was trouble inside my company sth blocked all incoming e-mails case closed sorry for making an issue that never existed

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No problem, glad to know you got it resolved !

I have the same problem, just it’s not “company email”, it’s @yahoo.com email…
My Katalon account is not blocked (thank goodness), but I often get message on the website to verify my email, but there is no email from Katalon in my mailbox… I checked my spam folder, I made a special filter with word “katalon”, but nothing :slightly_frowning_face: I checked my email history, and the last email from Katalon was 2019 April… So quite weird…
Do You, guys, have any problems with Yahoo spam filters maybe…? Can You check if Your verification emails are actually sent? Maybe the job is not working…
Weird that I get nothing…