I can't use spy web on firefox browser for Katalon Studio V 5.7.0 build 1

When i am trying to capture the objects on Firefox, i can’t see the hotkeys message neither the red frame in the components that indicates that they can be captured. I don’t have the same problem in Chrome browser.

Hi Lopez,

Please tell me which the version Firefox are you using? At now, the latest version (ver.62) didn’t support. Some inconvenience here but you should downgrade the version Firefox and try it again.

Feel free give more feedback to make KS better.



Hi Lopez,
This issue has been fixed with the new version (5.7.1). Please double check again and give more feedback.
Many thanks,

Hi Alice,
I am using Firefox ver 62, please tell me : Can i use Katalon 5.7.1 whit Firefox 62?