How to whitelist local host in proxy settings for Katalon Studio


I installed Katalon Studio 9.4.0 and I am trying to use ‘Log in from Browser’ for the first time from the jump server. The jump server has proxy turned on. I am getting an error ‘check your internet connection and try again.’ and resolution seems to be whitelisting local host. See the screenshot for error. Can you please help how do I whitelist in proxy settings?

Thank you.

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Welcome to our community. I found this guide to whitelist your IP address here: IP Address Restrictions | Katalon Docs. Please try !

Thank you. But I can’t activate the Katalon Studio free version due to local host loop back getting blocked. Appreciate if you could provide some info on how to whitelist the local host IP address in proxy.


If not using Katalon, I only can find some of the following references, not sure if it can help but please take a look: