Chrome / access denied

Hi everybody,

My tests failed after updating Katalon. Chrome is open but not running. I think it must be a problem with the proxy.
Can you please help me with that?

After you upgraded your Katalon Studio, have you checked the proxy setting?
How does it look like now?
I guess, you have no proxy now; it was initialised at the upgrading procedure.

After upgraded Katalon studio without proxy, I didn’t activate .
Now I have a proxy manually because it did not work when using the “use system proxy” configuration.



It´s going only about my web application.
When I run another test in Katalon Studio, the test goes well.
For example. test for youtube run well but only my web app did not work.

Your Application Under Test seems to have a host name

Is this DNS domain public? or internal?

When I tried “” on my PC via internet, the browser said it can not find IP address of the host name. So I believe “” is internal one. Only the internal DNS server of your organization can resolve the host “” to IP address.

Now let me assume you have set Manual Proxy setting to your Katalon Studio.

When your test tries to navigate to “”, fine, it will go though the proxy out to the Internet and will successfully find “”. Then the test will pass.

But when your test tries to navigate to “”, it will go through the proxy again out to the Internet, and will fail to find the host. Because the host is not on the Internet, rather it is located on your intranet behind the proxy.

So, your test must be conscious that it should NOT go through proxy for the host “” specifically. I mean, you need “bypass proxy” feature.

How to? See How to set proxy programatically