Not able to share project on git

i was share project 1st time in git ,but 2nd time the button is disable

please help me on that ,i want to re share my project

What exactly you want to do?

Here is document, if you want to integrate your Katalon studio with git

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@archana.tikole Thanks for the reply here. However, the document you have provided is a generic one and does not answer to the point. I am also facing the same issue that @sachin.bandgar has mentioned here where the share project option is greyed out.

I have created a project in katalon studio and now I want to upload it to a newly created git repository, for which I need the share project option. Many articles in the internet suggests to use the ‘Clone Project’ option for this purpose. However, it will not serve the purpose and moreover, it does exactly the opposite of what my requirement is.

Now can u do the below steps now

Click push first
After that insert your git repo link
If it asks for Username and password please provide that. Please bear in mind that you have to use personal token instead of password that you have to generate from the git

Follow the obvious steps

Now commit Ur changes and check the remote repo

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Perhaps you are not quite clear about the git terminologies. In the git terminologies, we do not use the verbe “share”.

In the Command line, users will type the following git commands.

git init
git status
git add
git commit
git push
git pull
git fetch
git log
git tag
git branch
git checkout
git clone

But there is NO command like

git share

It is a shame that Katalon Studio shows a mysterious menu like
スクリーンショット 2023-10-18 16.33.19.

What is it? In the document titled “” I found a description:

Share Project is a step to enable Git configuration for your new Katalon Studio project.

I don’t understand this single sentence at all. I suppose, the author didn’t know what it was. Perhaps, she/he couldn’t write any meaningful description.


I assume you know the following 2 terms:

  • local git repository
  • remote git repository

The Katalon’s menu "Clone project" assumes that you have a remote git repository on GitHub. The “Clone Project” will let you to create a local repository and copy the content from the remote to the local.

The Katalon’s menu "Share Project" assumes that you have a local git repository but you do not have a corresponding remote repository yet. And now you want to create a new remote repository on GitHub. And succeedingly you want push the full content of the local repository to the remote repository. The “Share Project” does those steps as a batch. Once done, you would never want to repeat this operation for the project as you have got a corresponding remote repository already. Therefore Katalon Studio disables the “Share project” menu.

But I am not very sure, because I never use Katalon Studio’ Git menu. I always type git commands in the Terminal UI in Visual Studio Code. I don’t really see how “Share Project” is implemented — it is not open-sourced. I could not see the source codes.

I am sorry, you are confused by Katalon’s inappropriate wording and insufficient documentation.

Possibly, all you want to do is to push the local commits to the remote repository on GitHub. Then you want to select the menu “Push”. That’s all.

I would recommend everyone who is new to “Git” to study it in the Command Line Interface. You should learn the git XXXX names first. See

Once you learn the git in the command line, you would be able to interpret the Katalon’s GIT-related GUI and documentations.

If you do not learn git from the basics in the command line and you rely on the Katalon resources about git, then you will be confused.

In my humble opinion, Katalon Studio should remove the “Share Project” menu. It confuses users. And users wouldn’t really need it.

We have an alternative procedure.

  1. Here I assume a user has created a local git repository = a local Katalon project with the “git init” command done

  2. Then she/he should create a remote repository on GitHub. She/he should do it on the GitHub’s UI. Katalon Studio should NOT intervene at this stage. Once she/he has created a repository on GitHub, the repository will have a URL.

  3. Succeedingly she/he should “Push” the local repository to the URL of the remote repository.

So we do not need the “Share Project” menu at all.

Or, rename the menu “Share Project” => “Create Remote Repository and Push”