How to change the git account in the Katalon

I need to change the current git account that is showing in my Katalon studio.

Hi there @sandunk,

Welcome to Katalon Community! Can you tell me whether you’re using the Katalon Studio Platform Edition or the Standalone version? Thanks! :+1:

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I’m using the Standalone version. Thanks

So I found this article on Katalon Docs which may be able to help you out:

After logging in, click on the Git button on the upper left corner of Studio and choose Clone Project, a window will pop up asking you to specify the Repo URL. In my case, after pasting the URL in the field, the remaining fields (User and Password) get populated automatically. But just in case that doesn’t happen on your end, just input your GitHub’s username and the Personal Access Token in the ‘Password’ field.

Please let me know if this helps. Thanks! :+1: