[How-to] Logging bugs in Katalon Cloud Studio category

To all of our Katalon Cloud Studio (KCS) beta users,

Thank you very much for providing our Product Team with your feedback and suggestions thus far. They have been valuable in helping to fine tune and improve Cloud Studio with each release.

We have created this area on Katalon Community forum so that you could discuss on how to utilize Cloud Studio in your testing projects, as well as to provide a centralized place for you to send us any feedback and suggestions you may have about KCS.

Please read through this topic so that you will know how you can log bug / submit your feature request effectively.

  1. Before creating a new topic, search for existing topics to make sure your issue(s) has not been reported by another member already.
  2. Make sure to review the topic template (see below) when reporting a bug. Please try to include as much information as you can. This will help us diagnose your issue and find a solution faster. This topic template will also be visible in the composer when you click on Ask the Community

Bugs Log template for Katalon Cloud Studio category


[Provide a brief summary or title for the issue]

Steps to Reproduce:

[List the steps you took to reproduce the issue]

[Provide additional steps, if necessary]

Expected Behavior:

[Explain what you expected to happen]

Actual Behavior:

[Describe what actually happened]

[Include any additional details or context that might be helpful such as error log,…]


Browser/Device: [Specify the browser and device you’re using]

Impact (optional):

[Explain the impact of the bug on your experience or any potential consequences]

Screenshots/Attachments (optional):

[Attach any relevant screenshots or files, if applicable]

  1. Encourage others to Vote for your issues, so that our Product team could prioritize to fix them in the next release.

  2. Feel free to tag a member of our Cloud Studio team (@vy.huynh and/or @nhi.knguyen) for further support

:pushpin: Did you know that you would also get rewarded for each Bug Report with at least 5 Votes? Read here for more information: Community Contributor Program - Help us grow our forum & get rewarded! 🎁