Updates on Katalon's forum new features

Hi all,

We want to announce a quick update on the forum’s new features. Specifically, we are adding new categories for bug reports and feature requests, and a new assign feature for the forum post threads.

The two new additions are made to improve your experience with Katalon in general and the Katalon forum in particular.

Please see the details of each feature below.

1. New categories for bug reports/feature requests:

To better our tracking with all users’ bug reports and feature requests for Katalon products, our forum now has 4 new categories for post threads, including:

  • Katalon Studio/Tracked Feature Requests
  • Katalon Studio/Tracked Bug Reports
  • Katalon Analytics/Tracked Feature Requests
  • Katalon Analytics/Tracked Bug Reports

Now you can:

Submit your inquiries for Katalon Studio by

Submit your inquiries for Katalon TestOps by

2. Assign feature in post threads

This means that your posts on the forum can now be assigned to a Katalon team member.

We hope this update will improve our responses to your concerns, technical issues, and questions with more direct and timely replies.

Happy testing!


Katalon Team


How? By whom?

There is a button Assign (at the place where most buttons in a post are :rofl:) which is available for only staff members.

When a Katalon member is assigned, He/she will be noticed and it’ll make it easier for our side to not collide resources on the same issue unnecessarily. Additionally users can see who is assigned on a particular issue.

Only staff users? I don’t see It - but that makes sense.

:rofl: Scratch that, my bad. It is available for staff members only, users can only see who is assigned. Fixed the above comment to reflect this.

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Hi @ThanhTo

So, before I go on, know this. I spoke at length over email with @devalex88 about this system before it was launched - so I’m not confused about the need, I was already “on board” and gave Alex feedback on where it might benefit users and devs. But the system as implemented falls far short of my vision for it.

The above post provides for you guys - the devs.

The above post provides very little for users except maybe confusion. There are now two categories for bugs, and two for features.

Here’s what it should look like/ what I would change

  1. “Assign-To” doesn’t need to be documented - users cannot do it anyway. It’s like a tag that cannot be managed by users. The post above makes it sound like it’s something users can do - but that’s not the case… so why talk about it? the whole section is just hype and noise and confusing.

  2. Users can and must continue to use the old categories as before.

  3. Devs (staff-only) decide specific topics can be moved to “Tracked” categories. USERS CANNOT DO THIS - only staff can decide.

  4. Users cannot create new posts in Tracked categories - users’ new posts always go to the original bugs and features categories.

    Users CAN reply to topics moved to Tracked categories - they just can’t CREATE topics there.

So, from a user perspective a new bug post looks like this:

bug post -> moves to tracked -> gets assigned

And the same with suggestions/feathures

suggestion post -> moves to tracked -> gets assigned

Personally, I’d take this thread down - it sounds like hype and marketing for something that provides users almost nothing beyond confusion.

Here endeth my 2 cents.

(I’ll forward my chat with Alex to you).