[Kudos Rewards] Onward to 300 Kudos! 💪

:point_right: Read this topic if you’re aiming to get to 500 Kudos instead! :point_left:

So you have already gotten 200 Kudos but you’re not looking to exchange them for a $20 Amazon US eGift card. Instead, you’re eyeing the $40 Amazon US eGift card. After all, you would only need 100 Kudos more to get it, so why not? :person_shrugging:

Simply follow the steps below and watch your Kudos grow:

  • Generate discussions by creating up to 5 topics/day (ask question, share cool tips about using the Katalon Platform, or start a conversation about any subject that you want within Miscellaneous).
  • Reply to 6 topics/day if you know the answer or solution to someone else’s question.
  • Invite up to 10 members to join our community (Instruction on how to invite others are below).

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And did you know that, with 250 Kudos, you are qualified to become one of our Community Leaders? This is part of our Top Contributor program that enables you to give back to our community, all the while gaining cooler perks and rewards than normal members as well! If you’re interested then click on the link below to learn more! :sunglasses:

How to invite others to join our community?

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. From the homepage, go to your profile
  2. Click on the “Invites” tab, then click + Invite
  3. If you’re inviting just 1 person, then input their email addresses in the “Restrict to” field, add an optional message if you like, then click Save and Send Email
  4. If you’re inviting multiple people, then specify the number of people you’re inviting under “Max uses”, and click Save Invite. Then you can send the link to your friends!

:point_right: Read this topic if you’re aiming to get to 500 Kudos instead! :point_left:

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