Kudos Points for License

How much kudos points are required to earn a free katalon studio license? and what will the duration for this trial license?

You can find the needed info here:

So you need a minimum of 500 Kudos points for a 3-month KSE licence.
The quickest way to achieve this is to take various quiz / surveys / games lauched by Katalon team in addition of being very active on various topics.


@bionel Thanks for your reply. Could you please also clarify how to take quiz / surveys / games.
Also is the 500 points only for the KSE license? do we get KRE and Test cloud licenses also along with this?

Also please clarify if completing courses in katalon academy qualify for kudos points?

Hi @arjun.raj, please read through this page for all of your questions Getting Started (Part 6) - Get recognized for your contribution with the Kudos Rewards Scheme! 🏆.

We already laid out number of points corresponding to your engaging activities. Academy course completion is not counted for kudo points as they are your self-learning, if you could share your tips and tricks after learning on this platform, yes there are kudo points for you.

Hope this helps!

Hi there @arjun.raj, :wave:

Thank you for your interest in our Kudos Rewards Scheme!

Regarding your question about taking quizzes, surveys, and games, we do run them rather regularly, so be sure to check in our forum every once in a while.

And in fact, since you have just joined our forum this month, you will soon be invited to join our Onboarding Game, which is a great opportunity for you to learn how our forum works, gain Kudos, and get rewarded at the same time! :gift: Be sure to keep an eye out for your inbox! :+1:

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