Laptop crashed, how to move licence to another laptop


please tell me how to do that

when trying to open Katalon in an anoher machine will get info ‘Machine quata exceeded’

cannot remove existing machine id

and the machine is dead which this id is binded

This is what happens when software is treated as though it is hardware.

Callout to @devalex88 @duyluong @ThanhTo @Thong (re Katalon Licensing/TestOps)


In fact, this happens when software developers think hardware is as though as Bruce Willis :slight_smile:

Perhaps it is a good time to reconsider if offline license’s are not transferable nor cannot be revoked/refunded.

Sorry to say but, this looks somehow ‘deja-vu’ for me, same ‘chicken and egg’ problem like with the DRM licensing. Do I own the product I buy or not?

Hope katalon team will find a quick answer/solution for such issues.


hi you,

when I am able to use my license again!!!

Please do something, cannot load Katalon cause this issue

Have waited five days already


Hi you Katalon peoples,

if you are quick to close a conversation that isn’t related to Katalon, so why you are not quick to answer this my issue, not able to use Katalon tool. The Laptop which Katalon Studio was installed has been sent for recycling.

At this moment in time, there is no way to rescue your license. The current policy forbids it.

You have a request registered here that Katalon management should review that policy. That is going to take time. It is unfortunate that your crash happened at the same time that many staff members are on vacation (western new year, new lunar year celebrations). Nobody can change that, you just need to be patient.

Reminder: 99% of the people here are NOT “Katalon people” - they/we are users just like you.

If you think it might be quicker, you could write to and ask there.

hi group,

at the this moment I am only this group reader / writer :slight_smile:

Exactly this.


how long Katalon stuff is an vacation, I have sent email to [] but no response

Bump @devalex88 @duyluong @ThanhTo @Thong

You will never get a reply from that.
Is just the mirror of Alice.

Hi @Timo_Kuisma1

Apologize for the late response. Please email the your organization Id and your email and I will try to resolve your issue.

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thanks, but I have sent email to cause this not worked

Hi @Timo_Kuisma1

Sorry, my bad, it’s You should receive a response fast there.




I am still waiting, is this reasonable? already 12 days waited

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Hi @Timo_Kuisma1

I understand the frustration. Please keep staying patient, it’s near the Lunar New Year so resource allocation is a problem. I will get back to you tomorrow with a resolution.

I hope you guys realize that, this is the worst answer possible.
Somebody pay money for a licensed product, something happend … and … ok, hold, we are on vacation.
This is not the asian bussines style i meet. And i lived about 3 years in China, willing to visit your country too.
It is time to reconsider the bussines aproach.
I know, @ThanhTo, you just tryin to save the obvious. And you are a great guy.
But …

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Hi @bionel

Thank you for your feedback, however I already contacted @Timo_Kuisma1 regarding a temporary solution. We try our best not to block your work during the holiday, however sometimes cases like this are missed.

@ThanhTo glad to hear you found an ‘one-to-one’ solution even if is temporary.
Now, this is the asian style :slight_smile: and i honestly love such aproach compared with european bussines idea wrt isolated consumers.
But that is another story … subject to lounge discussions