How can i import selenium scripts in katalon?

I have selenium scripts that i need to import in katalon, whether i can able to import scrpits? whether it will work ? Whether i may need to do some changes?

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Whether there is any other alternative ways?

I think that is not possible since Katalon doesn’t know which framework are you using. We maybe using POM+TestNG+Data-Driven or some other. So i feel it’s tedious to read existing code and create Testcases for you. I think it’s not so helpful feature. You can log a ticket, maybe Katalon team support this in feature

I think current version doesn’t support the feature to import your selenium scripts.

Maybe I’m just an idiot, but It seems like the Katalon plugin for Chrome creates test cases. I can’t, for the love of all that’s pure and holy, seem to get these test cases/suites into Katalon Studio. This seems silly. If I export for Katalon (clipboard) I can paste into a new test case in katalon, with painful lack of automation (the import selenium scripts (beta) feature doesn’t actually import anything). But since the Katalon export option exports in Selenium WebDriver stuff, It doesn’t translate well to the Groovy Implementation in Katalon Studio. What is my problem?

How can i use java and selenium scripts in Katalon stuido?