Is "Import Selenium IDE Scripts (beta)" in Katalon Studion 7.4 working?

I’m just wondering if “Import Selenium IDE Scripts (beta)” in Katalon Studion 7.4 working? I tried using it but it seems not working.

Hi, is “Import Selenium IDE Scripts (beta)” in Katalon Studion 7 working or is there other way to import selenium script?

We currently purchased several licenses and we wan’t to import our existing selenium script to katalon.

Any information about importing selenium script to katalon studio would be a great help.


Hi @mariel.u.ortega

You can try to export Selenium script in Java language from Selenium IDE.

And refer to this document for detailed tutorials of how to migrate Selenium scripts to Katalon Studio.

If you have further concerns, please feel free to reply.


Hi @Jass,

I have tried the steps given in the doc you’ve given but i was stuck running gradle katalonCopyDependencies. Did I lack something on my local machine?

Please run that command under your Katalon project folder

oh. it work’s. thank you


In addition to importing Selenium/TestNG/JUnit projects into Katalon Studio, from version 7.5.10 onwards, you can also import a Selenium IDE project for execution with Katalon Studio.

Download 7.5.10 here.


  • Katalon Studio version 7.5.10 onwards
  • An active Katalon Studio Enterprise license