Can not Import Selenium test cases build using TestNG framework

Hello Katalon Team

We have Selenium test scripts built using TestNG framework. Is there any possible way to import those scripts to Katalon studio. We could not find any article regarding import test scripts that are built using any testing framework. Some of the test scripts that we have in Selenium are not of Page object model. We are in the process of migrating our test automation to Katalon but our team is facing difficulty to import Selenium test scripts to Katalon. Please let us know any possible solution for that.


Thank you for the question. I have a few questions. Is it possible for your team to run TestNG tests along with Katalon ones? Why do you want to migrate existing tests to Katalon.

Hi @devalex88 , we want all our test cases at one place(Katalon). Eventually we are going to integrate our testing scripts with build process, keep two different tools hard to maintain. Our automation coverage of application is 80% in TestNG and we don’t want to two different infrastructure to maintain for one application testing.

I have not yet opened Katalon, so maybe this is a dumb question: Can scripts created by Katalon be exported as plain-jane Selenium scripts?

@haspreet.singh is correct: we want all test cases in one place. An alternate to importing hand-coded Selenium scripts into Katalon is exporting out to a pool of Selenium tests, some authored by Katalon, some hand-coded, or from other sources (or even non-Selenium tests). This will position us for CI and/or CD pipelines to run the blended set of tests - especially if the export can be JIT-automated!

What are your thoughts? Can you point us to what others may have done in this vein?

Hi @devalex88,
we also planning to migrate our selenium test scripts built using Test NG it possible to import to katalon studio?

Hi everybody, who interested in this article.
We used Selenium and Katalon test cases.
Some time we transfer Selenium projects to Katalon.
Shortly, this procedure include several simple steps:

  1. Copy chromedriver from Selenium test project to the Katalon path of test project (this step is done only once)
  2. Create new Custom Keyword in Katalon. This Keyword will be used for enveloping
    Selenium class
  3. Copy script of Selenium class (Java) into the new Custom Keyword .
  4. Delete from the copied script statements “import” of testng packages
  5. In Katalon Custom Keyword join scripts of Aftermethod, BeforeMethod and TestMethod in one
    sample Keyword (one method)
  6. Correct in the class script bundling to the chromedriver (copied in the first step)
  7. Create new Test Case and add created Custom Keyword.

That’s all.
I desire success for you.


Hi everyone

I’m glad to let you know Katalon Studio 7.4.0 supports executing Selenium/TestNG/JUnit scripts. See this document for how to migrate the scripts to Katalon Studio and new features to facilitate the migration.