Go to line in script where error occurs


Is there a way for a user to be redirected to the line of code (script) where the error occurs, maybe
by double clicking the error returned in the logs after running a script? Is this a missing feature?

If you right click on a command/statement in the Log Viewer, do you get a popup of “Go to this step in Script View”?

Yes it do have that option, but the error occurs in the keyword script, not in the actual script.
And i cannot find a way to actually go to the line in the keyword script where the error occurs.

Also, in this view there is no way to go to the line in the script where the error occurs.

In your image, you have the error message highlighted (in blue), but your script is not the message. Your script is Item 6. So if you right click on Item 6, you do not get the popup of “Go to this step in Script View”?

No that option does not appear. Note that this is from the test case’s log from the test suite, not from the test case itself. If i run the test case itself, the logs appear in the log viewer tab at the bottom of the app. Here I am able to right click on an item and go to the script view. But not from the test suite logs. Note that I am using the non Enterprise version of Katalon. Is this feature is available in the Enterprise version?

I just use the KS version as well, although an older version. And I run my TCs through the Test Suite as well. Perhaps there is a feature now that you have to turn on to perform the task?