How to go to failed step directly from log viewer logs in 5.10.0

In previous versions, when a test case was failing, in log viewer, link was displayed which was taking directly to the failed step/line inside the test case script which was really helpful.

I didn’t find this in feature 5.10 version. Is this removed? In 5.10, only a link to failed test object is given which takes to the test object inside the locators’ repository.

If this feature is removed, please considering adding it back because it was saving a lot of time. Now, if I have a main test case and a test case is called inside the main test case and further, a test case is called in the called test case and test case execution failed in the 3rd called test case. Then it is a bit of time-consuming to find that step.


Hi, This feature is available in 5.10. If you are right click on the step, you will see an option to goto the step in the script view. However, please note that this is not applicable for failures within a loop

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Thanks for the reply Manu. I didn’t understand where I need to right click to go to failed test step from log viewer. I am talking about the link in log viewer as in the screenshot

Right click on the left column where the steps are mentioned. Right click on Call test case step. Katalon doesnt take you to failed step in following cases(AFAIK)

  1. WIthin loops
  2. If a step failed within a called testcase like yours.

Also, enable
This option available in

Hi @Bhawna_Rani,

We will bring the failed stack-trace as clickable links back soon.
Btw, in the stack-trace above, you can see the failed test step at line 72 of the test: Submit Bids, Review,...


Any update on this? As far as I can tell, even in 6.2.1, the clickable links are missing on failures. This is preventing us from updating anything beyond 5.8.6.

Unfortunately nothing yet

@duyluong any update on stack-trace clickable links in case of failed test cases?