Cannot generate test steps if [Initially open Test Case] set as [In Script View]

**OS (**Windows 10)

Katalon Studio Version (5.3.1)

## Katalon Studio logs:


## Environment (for Web testing)

Browser (Chrome 64):

## Steps to reproduce -

1. Go to ‘Window’–>‘Katalon Studio Preferences’–>‘Katalon’–>‘Test Case’

2. Set the ‘Initially open Test Case’–>‘In Script View’–>‘Apply’–>‘OK’

3. Press ‘Record Web’ to record a test case, ex: search anything in

4. Press ‘OK’ in Web Recorder window to finish recording.

5. Save objects into any folder / Give a whatever name for the test case

## Expected Behavior -

The test case should be saved successfully without error.

## Actual Behavior -

A message box shows ‘Cannot generate test steps.’ And the test case was fail to generate.

## Workaround

Set the ‘Initially open Test Case’ back to ‘In Manual View’

## Comment

This bug only happens in the build


Hi Wade,

Thanks for your information. I’ve logged this one into our backlog and will be fixed in the next release. In the meanwhile, is it possible if you use Manual view instead? :slight_smile:


This still happens in version 6.3.2

The reported issue still happens in Katalon version 6.3.2.

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