Getting the error updationg webdriver 116


[ERROR] Error HTTP 404 executing
[WARN] Exception reading to get latest version of chromedriver (Error HTTP 404 executing


@rupesh.salunkhe - Please refer As of Chrome 115, Tools > Update WebDrivers > Chrome no longer works - #27 by kazurayam

Hi @rupesh.salunkhe, Click on ‘Check for Updates…’ and update to 8.6.6.
Then update your Chrome WebDriver again.

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@rupesh.salunkhe i hope your issue has been resolved now. :laughing:

@rupesh.salunkhe : Just copy the stable chrome driver from Chrome for Testing availability into your katalon project.

you can manually download and replace the chromedriver under your Katalon Studio folder. And the problem should be resolved.


Thanks very much Now issue is resolved and able to execute katalon after update katalon version


I have latest version 8.6.8 and still facing http 404 error while updating the driver in katalon stuido

Update your web driver manually. Don’t use the menu item. See if that works. You will have to be in control of which version you need for your browser (Help > Settings) and the “matching” version you need for KS. Then “Google/Yahoo/Firefox” the location of web drivers for your browser.

How to update or downgrade WebDrivers? (

Edit: And note which browser you are using and therefore which driver you need. I made the silly mistake one time to update the wrong browser (repeatedly) and kept wondering what…, until it dawned on me what I was doing wrong. DOH!

me to

I found a fatal error occuring:

[ERROR] Error HTTP 404 executing

I tried to download the chromedriver manually, and failed.

It seems that the URL does not exists in the world. I have no idea why. In this situation, we can not get the chromedriver of v121.0.6167.184 at all. We can do nothing other than waiting for the ChromeDriver project to make the URL avaiable. Today is Monday. Possibly we should take additional days off. Sooner or later, the ChromeDriver project would possibly make the distribution URL reachable. Just wait for it.

An alternative solution would be using Chrome for Testing instead of Chrome browser

Chrome for Testing would not auto-upgrade, so that we would not be bothered by unstable download of ChromeDriver

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Hi @here,

Thank you very much for your patience. Our Product team has released a fix for the issue with updating Chrome WebDriver in our latest release. You can learn more by visiting the thread below:

You can follow these instructions to update it manually