General questions regarding automation with this software

We would like to have some details regarding automation of the testing of our project through your software.

  1. For builds and branch switches, we are using Atlassian Bamboo. Most importantly, we would like to know whether it is possible to have the tests that we create previously somehow integrated with bamboo .

  2. Essentially what we need is having our test recorded (such as in Selenium) and hosted at your side and automatically/manually runnable from bamboo. Is that possible?

  3. Can you please specify the difference between TestOps and Runtime Engine? Which option is more suitable for our situation?

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Mher Margaryan
Lead QA Engineer at ExpresTlaÄŤ.sk

@ThanhTo this question is probably best suited for a developer. Anyone have some suggestions?

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Hi @mher

1/ If the tests were previously created in Katalon Studio, then Bamboo Integration is available:

2/ If the tests were written in Selenium (I am not sure what you mean by “recorded in Selenium”, my guess is you mean Selenium IDE), then Selenium migration just came out:

Migrate your Selenium scripts into Katalon and use this with Bamboo (in 1/)

3/ TestOps is the place to monitor your testing activities through metrics and dashboards (TestOps Center) , as well as a place where you can trigger remote executions (TestOps CI).

Runtime Engine is the body that actually executes Katalon tests.

They are not mutually exclusive, you use TestOps (or Bamboo or other CI/CD tools) to trigger remote executions using Runtime Engine and the results are uploaded back to your TestOps organization where you can see that status of your executions and more easily detect bottlenecks and flakiness.


Thank you very much for such a comprehensive answer.