Katalon intergration with Bamboo CI

Can anyone help me in regards to whether or not katalon is able to integrate with Bamboo CI. I see that it is able to be set up with jenkins, was wondering if the configuration is similar or is this not compatible yet. If not i think this a feature that could be added as im sure many companies are the same in that they use Jira and Bamboo from atlassin.

Any information is much appreciated


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You can use Katalon CLI or Docker image. If you have time you can wait for our Bamboo plugin which should be available in a few weeks (Atlassian reviews all newly submitted plugins).



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Perfect - We are in no rush to get it fully integrated yet so i look forward to the plugin, thanks :slight_smile:


@devalex88 I am excited to hear more about your Katalon plugin … is it free? does it support Bamboo on Windows and Linux or only Linux. Will I be able to email the test result report after completing the script execution ? will it integrate with Slack?

@nadim96 Email and Slack integrations are built-in functions of Katalon Studio.

That is correct but for example Slack integration from Katalon doesn’t send notifications about test results (passed/failed) from Jenkins the functionality allow you to get better tailored results.
the idea with CI we will not execute from Katalon , we will execute from Bamboo or Jenkins

You can modify test hooks provided by Katalon Studio to do this:

Hey @hpulsford, Bamboo plugin is available for download on Atlassian. Give it a go.


Hi @mia.ferguson, Is this plugin licensed, if so, Could you please let me know the cost for the same.