Which solution for automated testing via node or bamboo


I’m creating since several months, test suites with Katalon Recorder. We are manually executing until now these scripts via the tool.

Our goal is to execute these tests automatically. We are trying to find a solution for implementing automated testing and we have thought to the Katalon Studio tool (and Bamboo).
Nevertheless our organization doesn’t allow to install an external software on our computer and new plugin into our Bamboo (especially the plugin from Katalon Studio allowing to execute Test Suites into Bambo).

Thus we are trying to find another solution (by reusing the test suites already created). But we don’t know which one to choose and how to proceed.

We have thought to export the test suites with Katalon Recorder into node in order to use them directly via node. When exporting a script, a lot of warnings appear and we don’t know if it’s the best solution. We have also thought to export into java (junit) and apparently there are less warnings. But we don’t knpw how to proceed the automated testing

Could you please help me with that in order to find the best way for executing automatically the test suites.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I will discuss with team and find if any suggestion works.

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You don’t need to ‘install’ any external software or plugin in any CI to run Katalon tests.
The only thing you need is:

  • pull your project from git (i suppose your company have also an own git server, e.g Bitbucket which integrates nice with Bamboo)
  • be able to pull and run a docker image.

So, in your Bamboo plan, you fetch the project from your git instance, pull KRE doker image, run and capture whatevere report produced is desired (csv, junit, html) as job artifacts, send emails to your team or post to slack etc.

What you do with the reports later is up to you, e.g if you have an apache webserver at disposal you can upload the hmtl reports there for better centralization/view etc.

How to trigger the tests automatically, feel free to read about bamboo features.
You can use webhooks if desired, or trigger them scheduled, or when a certain git repository is updated etc