Katalon integration?

Hi all. Hopefully I’m posting this in the correct place.

My dev shop currently has an in-house built framework using TestNG, Java+selenium. I’ve been searching high and low for a tool/product that would allow us to consume the framework we’ve built, it’s methods/page objects etc but allow for a low-code option to test creation.

Can Katalon studio meet this?


You can migrate TestNG tests into Katalon Studio

Katalon has a recorder which will allow you to create tests without much coding required. Katalon also has a manual interface, so If you use Object Repository to implement page object model you can add Test Steps and Test Objects manually.

Test Steps can be built-in keywords (click, set text and all of that built-in Katalon) or Custom Keywords (basically functions that you can add using manual interface into your test). Test Cases may call other Test Cases which allows you to create complex scenario, all of that is available from the manual interface.

Scripting interface allows automation testers to write whatever complex test cases they want in Java + Groovy. Therefore it will also adapt to your team as you need to get more technical and leverage programming power in developing automation tests.

Hope that helps !

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