A plugin that adds a Unique Identifier (Test Case Number) for each test case created in Katalon

In Katalon Studio currently, we don’t have a Unique Identifier i.e Test Case Number for each of the test case created in Katalon. .E. g A Number that is added by Katalon itself which is not editable by User and does not change when the user moves that test case having that number in different folders. Just like the number added by Jira when we create a new ticket/bug.

Although we have a Folder based structure but in large teams it would be beneficial for people to refer to a particular test case number using the Unique identifier added by the Katalon itself, With this we would not have to give a full path of the test case rather we can just give the unique identifier / test case number for other people to look into. Also in the real-world scenario we may be moving our test cases and changing the structure of the folders all the time and having a unique identifier/test case number will make finding test cases easy.

We would also need a way to search test cases using Test Case number.

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Hi @manpreet.mukkar

I like your idea for this plugin and I think it is valuable. Would you be open to paying me to build this for your team?

I work as a testing consultant at https://cloudgrey.io/