Food and drinks ... and everything in between 😋

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Sounds a bit like Kombucha :thinking:

… or maybe a Bloody Mary :cocktail:

My mouth salivates :cry:

I would be sleeping like a log if I have more than 2 glasses of whiskey :laughing:

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I gotta ask - which flavor(s)? :laughing: See my friend also vapes and I think she has one popcorn-flavored juice, and the other is soymilk (if I remember correctly) and they smell sooooo good! :ok_hand: :chefs_kiss:

Also I do not remember what you look like, but this image comes to mind…

I did try vaping a couple time but never got really into it (I think I am still stuck in 2013-ish when I though smoking was cool :laughing: ). But, one thing I did notice with my coworker (who also vapes) is that he has to vape ALL the time, otherwise he would get a bit irritable → does that happen to you also?

As a smoker myself, I feel like smoking is more of a “ritual” i.e. you have to smoke at designated areas, some drinks (like coffee) goes better with smoking (in my experience), and you usually smoke at certain times of the day. → My coworker and I literally set up a calendar reminder to take a smoke break every day at 4:00 PM :laughing:

May I introduce you to boba/bubble tea? :wink: :bubble_tea:

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That’s what I meant when I said I vape ALL day. Apart from topping up the juice, it’s always ready to go.

Right now I’m vaping Kiwi and Apple.


Speak for yourself, I do put sugar in my coffee when I drink it black and/or with milk :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, us Vietnamese have this “Condensed Milk Coffee” drink which I believe will undoubtedly be irresistible to Russ prior to him quitting coffee :coffee:

(Love Emmy :heart:)

I’ll take the latter, preferably with some sugar and probably milk (if our coffee purist Bionel allows me to :stuck_out_tongue: )

I tried Arabic coffee once when I had lunch at a Middle Eastern restaurant where I live and it was … interesting

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I use condensed milk – in Indian dishes.

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Oh yeah, I just remember that cigarettes in the States are quite pricey due to taxes? Here it is like around $15 - $40 for a package (containing 20 packets) of cigarettes depending on whether you are smoking the domestic brands or the imported stuff → average price for a packet is like $1,7.

That said, I am not sure if vaping is more costly than smoking in general though :person_shrugging:

Well, then pehaps using a nargile is more appropiate to you.
That is a ritual.
I tried both, vape and nargile but none worked for me, I suppose I am ‘too heavy’ and i actually like the feeling of the pitch / tar than the nicotine. bad for health, i know

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I used a nargile/hookah/shisha once in a club before. It was quite nice, though my nose would get quite moist/watery if I vape too much at once.

I like cigarettes 'cause they are compact and are rather cheap in my country.

Yeah, well. Guess we can always exercise to “offset” the bad effects, that’s what I always tell myself to avoid guilt tripping myself :laughing:

okie folks, Imma log off. Nighty night :wave:

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The drink tastes real good tho :coffee: but condensed milk - not good for my health, makes me fatty fatty. I’m cutting it off from my coffee.


Life is short, be fat :wink: (or at least slightly overweight a.k.a. having a little bit cushion for the pushing)

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1- Tajine with meat ball and eggs, Because I’m from Morrocco
For Drink, Water/Coffee

2- Favorite Kitchen : Indonesia Food when i traveled in Bali.

3- No Kitchen for me

4- Fish Barbecue

5- Drink : Ice Coffee or Dragon Fruit Juice

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That look amazing :drooling_face: Is it more of a breakfast food or one where you eat at dinner in your country? Or can you eat it just at about any time of day?

Also I realized that it looks quite a bit like Shakshouka, and some ingredients used are similar as well like the tomato sauce base, olive oil, garlic, cayenne pepper, etc.

Now I always thought that Shakshouka was a Turkish, or an Israeli dish, but Wikipedia also said that your country is claiming for its origin. I am guessing that it is because Morrocco and the Turkey, Israel all border with the Mediterranean Sea, so there was obviously some cultural exchange going on; hence, the similarity in some of the dishes. :thinking:

When you are not in Bali, or Indonesia in general, how do “cope” if you suddenly have a craving for Indonesian food? Maybe you would quickly cook a packet of Indomie instant noodle? :eyes:


Do Moroccans put spices in their iced coffee like Cardamom? And also do you make your coffee in a bed of sand like Bionel had pointed out?

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My boyfriend introduced me to Notion a few months back and I thought it was neat (though I have not used it as frequently as before). One of the things I like about it is the fact that you can rearrange any lines/paragraph of text in any orders that you want within a document (does not work for texts in tables though :person_shrugging:)

One thing I do not like about it is the lack of a toolbar like in Confluence or Microsoft Office, as if the devs took a look at Apple Notes and thought: “Hmmm, great design/UX” and copied it :roll_eyes:

I remember you mentioned that you would check out Notion in the #lounge. How would you compare it to TiddlyWiki?

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The name Tajine came from the particular clay pot used for cooking, but are plenty recipes made with such.
This particular one yeah, looks similar to Shakshouka.
The origin of this pot is subject to debates, but it is very popular in Marroco (some says it is the actual origin)
More info: Tajine - Wikipedia

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I am ‘certified’ in Indonesian cooking :slight_smile:
Been at a cooking class in Bali:

I liked this method of grilling, very efficient, only few coconut shells needed to make the fire:

Some other stuff we made:


Now you are making me wanna try the Moroccan restaurant in my city with your vast food intellect lol :laughing: Though the restaurant is a bit pricey so I guess Imma have to save up a bit.

Do you attend cooking class in every country you have visited? :open_mouth:

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Not :slight_smile: But I and my wife are passionated amateour cooks.
We like to travel and to try local stuff, and to watch cooking shows.
The one in Bali was the only cooking class I attented.
it was an opportunity, was held at a house nearby our ressort.
For the rest, we buy books for the cuisines we like and we attempt to reproduce what we ate.

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To be fair, I’ve never tried it. I have seen posts from Notion/Evernote/Onenote users that say “I wish I’d found TiddlyWiki first”.

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It depends…
If by instant noodle you are reffering to those dried stuff you add boiled water… meeh.
I used to eat lot of such instant noodles, during a previous job. I was working long day so when heading home the only thing you want is to quickly eat something and go to sleep.
(and ofcourse, at that time i was single)

Those days I mostly preffer ‘fresh’ food … but the pandemic also played an important role on this in addition of being married.
With unlocking ‘work from home’ widely, we now have more time for cooking and gardening.
Anyway, I learned also that, if you are not in a good mood, better stay away from cooking…
Your mood will reflect into your dish.

Something like that happened today.
We had a bad week / day and oscilated between order something or do something quick.

Found a package of Indonesian inspired food in the freezer.
We use sometime frozen products, we found this method of preservation acceptable, since we also freeze a lot of stuff from our garden during the summer to have them available for winter … or, when we cook ‘sarmale’ we freeze some for later (this dish is impossible to make it in small quantities, for only 2 people)

It was OK, a bit blend for my taste but a touch of black pepper and Sriracha fixed it.