Weekend fun - The three Cs 🎉

Saw this on another forum so I knew I had to try it here.

Each person will name a Character (could be from comics, cartoons, games, movies, anime/manga, etc.), a Color, a Car, and a Cuisine that best describe your personality, or that you feel that they speak to you.

I will go first…

  1. Character: GLADOS from Valve’s Portal game series a.k.a. System Shock SHODAN’s daughter - still has the same murderous intent for the player, but with an added dark humor.

  2. Color: Blue (preferably darker shades of blue, or a light tint of green and definitely not baby blue) as it seems to be rather calming and refreshing.

  3. Car: This is actually rather hard since I am not that much interested in automobiles. Though I am torn between the sleekness of Porsche and the compatibility of the Volkswagen → I also just found out that VW was founded by none other by the Nazi (how ironic :laughing:)

    Love the deep blue/ultramarine/Prussian blue shade of this Restomodded VW Type-3 :heart:Source

  4. Cuisine: Another hard pick, but I will have to go with Indian, at second place would probably be Thai.

Now it is your turn. What are your four C’s? Let us know below :point_down:

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I have 3 (used in many profiles elsewhere)

Coding, Composing, Cooking.

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